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What Are The Best Christmas Gifts For Cats?

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Are you one of those cat parents who just has to get your cat a Christmas present every year? If so, I can totally relate. Every holiday season when I go Christmas shopping, my cats are the first ones that I go shopping for.

In fact, it’s safe to say that I absolutely love shopping for my cats any time of the year, not just during the holidays. There are so many possibilities when it comes to purchasing a gift for your cat.

Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming with the amount of options that are available. Here are my pics for the top Christmas gifts for cats. 

  1. Cat Treats
  2. Laser Light Toys
  3. Turbo Cat Scratcher
  4. Scratching Post
  5. Catnip Plant
  6. Window Perch
  7. Cat Tree
  8. Cat House
  9. Self-cleaning Litterbox
  10. Electronic Food and Water Dispenser

Luckily, my cats were happy to help me figure out which toys should be at the top of any cat owner’s gift list. Some of these items even double both as a toy and as an item that they actually need in their life.

Cat Treats Are An Easy Pleaser

If you’re searching for an affordable gift that you know for a fact your cats will absolutely love, try some simple gourmet cat treats. It’s proven that most domesticated felines love their cat treats. 

 They come in so many flavors and varieties that it would be incredibly hard for you to NOT find a treat that your cat will want to devour. Cat treats can also be found almost anywhere. I recommend checking out Chewy’s selection of cat treats here. They have so many kinds of treats to choose from that it would be very hard to find something your cat won’t like.

Be sure that the treats that you are giving your cat are healthy, because there are a lot of treats out on the market these days and not all are the same quality. 

I would recommend staying away from any discount brands like the type you would find at the dollar store. 

I have nothing against these types of stores, but when it comes to our feline companions, we should always want what’s best for them. 

Laser Light Toys

Laser light toys will always be a main staple in my “cat toy toolbox”. These lights have a tendency to catch my cat’s attention more than any other toy they own. 

The minute they hear the keychain or the clicker sound, they stop everything they’re doing. Then they look around with pure excitement on their faces whilst trying to figure out where the little red dot will appear.

This toy actually wears me out before it ever does them. I’m willing to bet that they would chase laser dots all day if given the chance. 

Laser lights come in a variety of options including simple “pointer” types and fully automatic laser pointers which usually takes the work out of it for you.

I have used both, and I honestly prefer the regular “pointer” type because it allows me to interact and spend time with my cats.

Turbo Cat Scratcher Toy

This toy is one of my cats’ favorite toys of all time. In all honesty, I have never seen any of my cats using this for their claws. Instead, they are always playing with the toy ball part that comes with it. 

My cats also love to chew on the cardboard which can sometimes leave a mess. And this toy has the tendency to become quite annoying as well sometimes. 

This is especially true when I am trying to concentrate on something and all of a sudden my cat will begin playing with the turbo cat scratcher toy. When this happens, I just put on some headphones to drown out the sound of the ball as it’s going round and round in the circle.

Scratching Post

Another great gift idea for your cat is a scratching post. Cats not only love these posts, but they are good for them as well. 

It helps your cat with grooming their claws. And it will also help train your feline to not use your leather sofa as a scratching post. 

Scratching posts come in many variations. There are the normal posts that are mostly vertical with the sturdy base. And then there are the type of scratching “posts” that you can hang on your wall or door knob.

Scratching posts can also be found on everything from cat hammocks to cat trees and everything in between. 

Organic Catnip Plants That Are Easy To Grow

If you’re looking for something your cats will absolutely love but is also healthy for them, consider growing your own catnip plant. It’s easy to do and much better for your cat than the catnip that comes pre-packaged.

After your catnip plant has grown, your cats can then eat off the plant anytime they want. 

If you don’t have the time to grow a catnip plant, then you can buy cat toys that already have this fun herb hidden inside. 

It’s important to note that catnip can affect cats very differently. For instance, some cats are not at all affected by catnip at all, period. Other cats seem to have a reaction to real live catnip plants, but not to catnip-filled toys.

Window Perch For Nature Watching

If you’ve been around cats for any period of time, then you already know how much they love to stare at the outside world through the windows in your home. 

Cats love to look out the window and watch birds, butterflies, and squirrels scamper about. It gets them super excited when they look out and a bird flies near the window.

Why not give your cat an even easier way to look out the window by getting a window perch for them. This will allow your cat to not only see what’s outside, but also offers them a place to take a cat nap in the sun. 

Cat Trees Are Your Cat’s Best Friend

If your cat loves to climb things and be up in high places, then they will totally love climbing up a cat tree. Cat trees are the ultimate cat toy in my opinion.  They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and price ranges.

Make sure you take an accurate measurement of the area that you plan on installing a cat tree in. Some cat trees can get really tall and wide. Some trees have lots of stairs, levels, and knick knacks on them.

They not only offer a place for your feline to perch on, but most cat trees come with scratching posts and hanging toys. Some even come with cat enclosures so your cat can hide when you have company over.

Cat Houses Are All The Rave

The newest rave nowadays seems to be cat houses. Some even come with the ability to heat up and are also weatherproof. 

This is actually something that’s on my cat gift list for this year. However, this will never be used outside at my home because my cats are indoor only felines. 

If you have decided to let your cat roam both indoors and outdoors, then adding one of these to your backyard might be ideal for your cat. It will allow them to be protected by the elements.

I strongly suggest, however, that you do not allow your cats outside. Indoor cats have been proven to live longer lives for obvious reasons. They can’t get attacked by a raccoon or get hit by a car if they are indoor-only cats.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box – A Present For The Both Of You

Having a self-cleaning litter box in the home will not only save you tons of time, but it can also ensure your cat’s happiness. 

Most cats are really picky about their litter boxes. My cats like having a super clean litter box, but sometimes that’s not always easy to do. 

As humans, we tend to get super busy with life. And it’s not projected to change anytime soon. Buying a self-cleaning litter box will serve not only as a gift for them, but for you as well because it will save you more time. And your time is valuable, is it not?

Food and Water Dispenser

Food and water dispensers carry many of the same advantages as having a self-cleaning litter box, because it ultimately saves you time in the long run.

These dispensers come in various forms – from the basic gravity types to the electronic types that you can run on a timer. These can get pretty fancy, but they are well worth the money and they pay for themselves in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Cats are really easy to shop for, but sometimes it’s fun to go all out for Christmas. Cat toys and other necessary items have really advanced in technology over the past several years. 

This can be really nice for us humans as it saves us time in the end when we buy automated litter boxes and food dispensers. Not to mention automated laser lights too. 

But sometimes, the items that bring your cat the most joy are the simple things in life like a cardboard box you found in the closet or that full roll of paper towels you left sitting on the kitchen countertop. 

Even just being able to sit next to a sunny window ledge and watch the birds will make your cat 100% happier and will bring them lots of Christmas cheer.