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Do Cats and Raccoons Get Along?

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  • Post last modified:April 13, 2020
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If you live out in a rural area or even a suburban area where there is likely to be a natural habitat for wild animals, chances are pretty good that you might live in an area that has a raccoon population. 

And if you do live in one of these areas while also being the proud owner of a cat, you might be concerned about whether or not cats and raccoons can get along. You just never know when your feline companion might escape through the door when you’re not looking.  So do cats and raccoons get along?

The most common answer to this question is no. For the most part, cats and raccoons do not get along.

If the unfortunate event of your cat escaping out the door does actually happen, then this article should answer any questions you might have about cat versus raccoon relations.

Will Raccoons Kill Cats?

Raccoons are omnivores which means that they can eat both plants and animals. They are also known to eat what may be left outside in the garbage dumpster and are notorious for digging through people’s garbage cans outside their homes. a raccoon washing something in the lake

If a raccoon cannot find anything to eat, they may try to attack and eat your cat. There have been many news stories published in the last few years about raccoon gangs attacking people’s precious house cats. It’s sad, but it’s true. 

So suffice it to say that it’s pretty likely that a raccoon can and definitely will kill your feline companion. And while I’m sure there are many different exceptions to this scenario, it’s way better to err on the side of caution.

Can Cats Get Rabies From Raccoons?

The answer is a loud and resounding yes! Rabies is a very deadly disease. All mammals can become infected with rabies. In fact, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, cats have become the most common domesticated animals infected with rabies. 

This fact alone is reason enough to keep your feline friend indoors at all times. As I’ve said numerous times on this website, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you think that your cat has come into contact with any raccoons, contact your veterinarian right away. It may take a little time for this ugly disease to rear its ugly head and you don’t want your cat around your other family pets until your feline has been tested and cleared.

Do All Raccoons Have Rabies?

Not all raccoons are said to actually carry this deadly disease. However, it is widely known that they have a higher risk of carrying rabies and are also one of the most likely wild animals to transmit rabies to your cat or dog. 

So how can you tell whether or not a raccoon has rabies? Well there are a few signs to watch out for.

One of the most widely known signs for rabies is foaming of the mouth. If you happen to see a raccoon in your neighborhood that is doing this, call animal control right away! Also make sure you are inside and protected in case the raccoon attacks you. 

Other signs include difficulty walking, they just look sick overall, and they appear disoriented. The best thing to do if you see this is call the authorities. You don’t want an infected raccoon roaming around your area.

Can a Raccoon Impregnate a Cat?

No raccoons and cats cannot crossbreed. I have found absolutely no evidence of this at all. Cats and raccoons are two different species so this scenario is as likely as a deer breeding with a cow. It’s just not possible. 

With that being said, there are some cats that look very similar to a raccoon, but that does not mean that they are a mixed species. For example, almost every Maine Coon cat I’ve seen does happen to look partly like a raccoon. But a Maine Coon is just a regular feline.

How Do I Get Rid of Raccoons In My Yard?

The best way to get rid of any raccoons that may be festering in your yard is to make sure your garbage cans are closed tightly. Raccoons are scavengers and they will go into your garbage can and will probably scatter your garbage all over the place. 

Another great way to get rid of raccoons that are inhabiting your yard is to make sure that any pet food you have laying around is indoors and secured in your home or garage. Raccoons not only love garbage, but they are also known to eat both dog food and cat food.

In addition to securing and hiding away any food that a raccoon will be attracted to, there are also ways that you can repel raccoons in general.

There are a few ways to repel raccoons. First off, you can simply make your own repellent at home out of pepper. Raccoons hate the scent of pepper. Simply fill a spray bottle about two-thirds full of water and then sprinkle in a couple tablespoons of cayenne pepper. Be sure to shake the spray bottle before you spray the liquid around your home. 

You can also buy a suitable raccoon repellent online. There are many varieties of all-natural raccoon repellents that work great like this one here. Eventually though, you will run out of the spray and have to buy more. 

If you want a more permanent solution to your raccoon problem, I recommend checking out this ultrasonic animal repeller down below. It not only works for raccoons. It will also help keep deer out of your garden, as well as deter both moles and rats.

Final Thoughts

So do cats and raccoons get along? Maybe. But I definitely wouldn’t risk it if you can help it. A raccoon will most likely attack your cat. If the attack alone doesn’t kill your feline companion, it may give your cat rabies. Rabies is almost always deadly, even for us humans. And keep in mind, you might not even know right away if your cat is infected with this horrible virus. 

The very best thing that I recommend is to simply keep your cat indoors only. This alone is a surefire way to ensure your cat’s safety. After all, why risk it when you don’t have to.