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Top 10 Cat Toys For 2022

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If there’s one thing I enjoy more than anything, it’s buying toys for my cats. They love their toys. Here is my list of the top 10 cat toys for 2020.

This month, my cats Tiggy and Shadow turned 3 years old. My oh my, time really does seem to fly. And in celebration of their birthdays, I will probably be buying them even more toys.

This lists consists of the types of toys that my cats have used in one variation or another. Not only will they provide hours of entertainment for your furbabies, but most cat toys are extremely affordable as well.

Collapsible Cat Tunnel

One of my cats’ favorite all-time toys is their beloved crinkle tunnel. My cats absolutely love these things. They are constantly chasing one another in one end and out the other. 

As much as my cats love their tunnel, I will admit that these tunnels can get quite annoying if you’re trying to concentrate on something such as reading a book or binge-watching your favorite Netflix show.

Laser Light Toy

The simple old-fashioned red laser light dot is another fascinating toy that my cats absolutely adore. In fact, they can’t seem to get enough of the little red dot. Most of the time, I’m the first one that wears out from this type of high-energy play.

Laser light toys come in a wide variety of styles. Some laser lights even have a green dot instead of the classic red dot. You can also purchase toys that have multiple laser lights and usually run on autopilot. 

However, my cats seem to become overwhelmed by these types of laser toys because there’s a lot going on at one time. It does keep them busy though.

Crinkle Balls

Crinkle balls are yet another staple in my cat toy goodie bag. They are usually cheap and provide hours of playtime. My cats love to run around the house with a crinkle ball in their mouths. They also become vocally excited when they are playing with these types of balls. 

One thing to watch out for, however, is any sign that your cat is eating the mylar material off the crinkle ball. These mylar crinkle balls are safe for your cat, but the mylar material doesn’t digest very well. 

On more than one occasion, I have seen this shiny mylar in their stools. It doesn’t make your cat sick, but it is still something to watch out for.

Balls That Jingle

Yet another staple in my cat’s toy box are those old fashioned plastic balls that jingle. My cats love to throw these down the stairs and chase after them. When this happens, it kind of sounds like a herd of elephants running down my wooden staircase. 

These balls come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. My suggestion would be to buy them in bulk, because your cats will lose these things behind furniture and appliances. I probably have tons of these balls behind my refrigerator. 

Interactive Tower of Tracks

These toys are so fun that I often catch myself pushing the ball around in them myself. My cats completely love these things as well. 

I will admit though, this is yet another cat toy that may end up annoying you from time to time. If you need to concentrate on something important, I would advise hiding this toy from your cats until you are done with that all-important task.

Catnip Toys

There are so many variations of catnip toys, that you should have no problem finding a catnip toy that is purrfect for your cat. 

They come in everything from mice toys to fruit-shaped toys and everything in between. 

Toys That Look Like Mice

Another favorite cat toy is anything that looks like a mouse. Cats are hunters by the power of their DNA, so this toy will definitely provide hours of entertainment for your cat. 

My cats especially love the mouse toys that have the squeaker device in the middle of the toy. Love is actually an understatement because my cats go bat shit crazy when they hear the squeaky sound coming from the toy mouse.

Wand Toys That Dangle

My cats get really rough with these types of cat toys. Sometimes I have to really be careful not to get in the way of their mid-air antics as I try to keep away the toy that’s at the end of the rod or string. 

Once one of my cats catches the toy in their mouth, they don’t want to let go of it. Sometimes, this causes the toy to break. I have never bought one of these and not had them break on me. Nonetheless, they still provide hours of enjoyment for my cats.

Leftover Boxes from the Grocery Store

One commonly overlooked toy is the old-fashioned cardboard display box that you can find at places like Aldi grocery stores. My cats absolutely love to bite on these and rip them apart like confetti. 

It usually leaves a pretty big mess for me to clean up afterward, but the main thing is it keeps my cats very busy and they are usually free at your local grocery store. Just ask! 

The Huge Variety Pack of Toys

If you just brought home your very first cat, you may want to purchase a whole starter set of toys for your cat. This will allow you to find out what your new cat likes to play with, but for a cheaper price than if you were to buy them individually.

These variety packs almost always include jingle balls, crinkle balls, catnip-filled mouse toys, and a host of other toys. I will often include a package of these toys with their birthday or Christmas presents. 

And yes, I do buy them presents for their birthday and for Christmas.

Final Thoughts

Cats are easily entertained so it’s really not too hard to find toys that they will love for months or years to come. New cat toys are being invented almost daily. And sometimes the best toys for your favorite feline can be found within your home pretty easily.