10 Signs Your Cat Is Lonely

10 Signs Your Cat Is Lonely

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It is a popular belief that cats are better off left to their own devices, and therefore, they do not need to have their own companions. While cats can indeed be completely independent, this is not always the case. In this article, we discuss 10 signs your cat is lonely.

Imagine you were left alone constantly and had no friends. I’m willing to bet that you’d end up feeling pretty lonely.

Well, suffice it to say, cats can feel the exact same way. I know for a fact that cats can get extremely lonely because I’ve experienced what it’s like to have a lonely cat.

So how can you tell when your feline companion needs a friend? There are many ways to tell if your cat is lonely or if they are just doing normal everyday “cat things”. 

They Are Constantly Meowing

Some cats who are lonely tend to meow or become very vocal more often than they usually do. If your cat is constantly meowing at you then chances are that they are lonely and seeking your attention.

My cat Mouse does this pretty often. It can be much sometimes so I just pet her and try to calm her down.

Your Cat Is Always Getting Into Things

Have you ever came home from work and found your roll of paper towels or toilet paper all chewed up like your cat went berserk when you were gone?

If so, this could definitely be a sign that your cat is lonely. Keep in mind though, that some cats will just do this simply because they are cats. But if this behavior becomes a constant thing, they may be seeking attention from you.

They Stop Using the Litter Box

Another sign that your cat is lonely is that they stop using the litter box and instead, urinate and poop on your carpet, bed, or even shoes. However, this behavior might signal health problems so always make sure there are no health issues first before assuming they are just lonely.

They Are Always Following You Around

Does your cat constantly follow you around for no apparent reason? Your beloved feline companion may be doing this to let you know that they are lonely when you’re gone and they yearn for your attention. While some cats may do this out of natural curiosity, some felines will actually do this because they miss you.

They Sit In Front of the Door

Do you find that your cats tend to sit by the door just before you have to leave for work or some other event? My cats will do this all the time. Usually, I have to physically remove them from the area so I can leave for work. 

One of my cats will sit and stare at the door while I’m getting ready to run an errand. If I return within half an hour, he will usually still be sitting in that same exact spot staring at the door. It makes me wonder how long he sits there when I go to work and don’t come home for 8 hours.

Does Your Cat Slam the Cupboard Doors?

This may seem like an unusual sign, but it happens all the time in my home.

There have been several times that I’ve been laying in bed at night trying to sleep and all of a sudden I will hear my cupboard doors opening and closing very loudly.

The first few times this happened, I thought my apartment was haunted and it scared the crap out of me. 

Eventually though, I did figure out that it was one of my cats doing this to get my attention, because I ended up catching him in the act. For quite awhile, however, it was very hard for me to sleep because I thought I was dealing with some sort of a poltergeist or ghost.

Your Cat May Act Aggressively

Another behavior that cats will exhibit when they are lonely is aggression. They may hiss or claw at you, and some cats will even bite you with sufficient enough force to make you bleed. 

This is another behavior that may indicate other issues such as health problems, so always check that first before assuming they are lonely.

Does Your Cat Seem Depressed?

If your cat seems to be sleeping more often than normal or they just look depressed or sad, this may be a sign that your cat is lonely. Just make sure that this, too, is not something else such as an illness.

Yes, cats do get sad. Have you recently lost a different family pet like a dog or another cat? Your cat may be grieving the loss of that pet just like humans do.

They Obsessively Groom Themselves

Most cats are great at making sure their fur is clean and up to their standards, but sometimes their grooming habits can become excessive. This is another sign that your cat may be lonely or bored.

10 signs your cat is lonely

If your cat seems to be constantly overgrooming themselves, it may be time to get them some new cat toys or other type of stimulation that will help curb their possible loneliness.

Their Eating Habits Change

Has your cat lost interest in their normal food? Or perhaps your cat has started eating compulsively. This may be another sign of loneliness or cat depression

Most people think that this behavior is limited to the human species, however, that is simply not true. Cats may become so depressed that they either lose their appetite or overcompensate their loneliness by constantly overeating.

What Can You Do For Your Cat?

So what exactly can you do to help your cat with it’s loneliness? This is actually a pretty easy question to answer. Sometimes all a cat needs is a little bit of human interaction. Pet them whenever you get a chance.

Also, make sure you are playing with them everyday. Even talking to your cat in a baby voice will help them out. A little interaction goes a long way. Do whatever you can day in and day out to show your cat that they are loved by you. 

If you tend to work a lot of hours during the week, you may want to consider adopting another cat so that the two can be playmates. Just make sure you are introducing them correctly to avoid any behavioral issues that may occur by bringing a “stranger” into the home.