Why Does My Cat Meow So Much?

Why Does My Cat Meow So Much?

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Cats can communicate in a variety of ways, but the most common of all is the act of meowing. There are many different types of meows that cats use to communicate as well. 

And if you’re anything like me, you sometimes wish that you had some kind of techy gadget thing that can translate exactly what they’re saying to you or even to each other if you have more than one cat. So why does your cat meow so much?

There can be so many reasons why your cat is being extremely vocal to you. They could be in heat, sick or hurt, hungry, or even upset with something you did. Or perhaps, they simply want to express their opinion about something or tattle on another cat.

Your Cat Wants to Mate

Most cats tend to have more vocalization when they are in heat. Both male and female cats are highly vocal when they are wanting to mate. Females, especially, meow excessively and are very loud with their meows while being in heat. 

Fortunately, this is a pretty easy fix. Just get your cat spayed or neutered, simple as that. This is a practice that should be done anyway. It also prevents a whole other host of problems as well such as spraying, unwanted litters of kittens, and a longer life span.

You Just Opened A Can Of Wet Food

I don’t know about your cats, but my cats absolutely love wet food. I give my cats wet food about twice per week because it helps make sure they get enough water in their diet in addition to the water dish they have. 

Also, my cats freak out about wet food as well. The minute I peel open the can, they all come running into the kitchen. And they all let out very loud meows while I’m walking to their feeding area, wet food in hand. It’s quite hilarious, to say the least. 

This type of meowing is extremely easy to translate. “I want some of that Mom!”

They Are Sick or In Pain

Some cats meow increasingly more when they are sick or in pain. If your cat is acting stranger than normal or refuses to eat and use their litter box in addition to excessively meowing, you should definitely bring them to the nearest veterinarian as soon as possible. 

These are bad signs and as soon as you can get them in, the better off both you and your cat will be. If your cat is sick or hurt and they are meowing at you, they may be trying to communicate that to you.

Your Cat Is Angry At You

Yep! I said it! Maybe your cat disagrees with something you did to them, with them, or next to them. Did you move their food dish or litter box? If so, they may not be very happy about that. 

why does my cat meow so much

My cats tend to become very vocal when I am cleaning because I tend to run the vacuum cleaner for quite a while. If your cat is like most cats, then he or she absolutely hates the sound of the vacuum cleaner. 

I also have to pick up after them. Before I vacuum, I will usually pick up all their cat toys so they are out of the way, and they tend to become much more vocal when I’m picking up cat toys or spilled dry food and the like. 

Cats may also become loud meowers when you lock them out of a certain room in your home. For example, I won’t allow my cats in my office if I’m not in there because they tend to chew on electrical cords which is not only unsafe but also very expensive.

I’ve had to replace the charger for my MacBook several times because of this. And if you’ve ever owned a Mac, you already know that the charging cord is not cheap.

They Want To Tell You About Something

Some cats just want to talk. Maybe it’s their way of showing you some love. Or maybe their tattling on your dog. Either way, some cats just simply want to talk to you. 

I have a cat that will talk to me while she is following me. This happens with her every single morning, and she never misses even one single day. I honestly believe that she is telling me how her night was and also asking me if I slept well even though the other cats were staring at me all night. 

I also have a cat that disappeared for a month and was eventually found in good health. When I brought her home her first night back, she was extremely vocal on the way back home. 

This was not the same meowing that you would hear because your cat hates car rides. I’ve been through that (this is how I lost her to begin with) when I was going to move to Minneapolis a while back. 

No. The meow that was coming from my cat was one of her telling me stories. I truly believe that she was telling me all about the adventures she experienced while she was lost in the suburbs of Minneapolis. And it must’ve been quite the adventure too. 

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many reasons that your feline companion is constantly meowing or vocalizing. Always make sure that they are still healthy first before assuming any other reasons.

Usually, but not always, if they’re sick or injured, you can tell by a combination of things. 

And after that, I would just figure it out by process of elimination. Do they want food? Did you do something that maybe pissed “Fluffy” off?

Or could it be they just want to have a conversation with you about why your dog gets to have bigger toys than them?