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Why Does My Cat Always Follow Me?

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  • Post last modified:March 3, 2020
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Cats are funny and interesting animals. They like to follow us everywhere we go. My cats will follow me to the bathroom, to my office, to the kitchen, to my bedroom, and they’ll even follow me up and down the stairs in my home. 

One evening, I noticed that all five of my cats seemed to be nonchalantly following me, and this got me completely amused. So what did I do? I decided to play a game with them and walk around in large circles in my living room to see if they would follow me.

why does my cat follow me?

And guess what happened? All five of my cats followed me for about five minutes walking in circles. In fact, I think that I got tired of walking around my living room before they actually did. I could’ve probably kept going all day before they got tired of walking around in circles.

So this got me wondering with utmost curiosity. Why do our feline companions seem to follow us everywhere we go? 

There are various reasons that our beloved cats may follow us such as showing their love for us by escorting us around everywhere, letting us know that they are hungry and they want to get fed, and sometimes they are just trying to tell us something.

They Want To Show Us That They Love Us

Some cats follow their human companions simply because they want to show us some love. They like to follow us around because they are our best friends, and they want us to know it, even if that means following us to the bathroom where water is prevalent.

They Are Bored or Curious As To What You’re Doing

Some cats are simply just bored and curious so they will follow you around with no other agenda than to see what their human companions are doing. My cats actually do this all the time.

In fact, I think this is the main reason that they do follow me around. Sometimes, I have a little fun with this like walking around in circles. 

They Are Hungry and Want To Be Fed

Sometimes cats will follow you around to let you know that they are hungry, or sometimes they just want to be there in case you’re about to open up a can of wet food. They may also be letting you know that they are out of water.

They Are Simply Trying To Tell You Something

Another reason your cat may follow you around is because they are trying to tell you something. They will most likely become very vocal while they are following you around. If this happens, it usually means that they are attempting to communicate with you.

Perhaps, they are hungry or sick. Maybe they are just trying to ask you where you’re going. Cats are funny like that. You just never know. 

Final Thoughts

Cats are curious creatures. They have varying reasons for following us around. Is your cat’s water or food bowl empty? Are they sick?

Maybe they’re just plain bored like my cats appear to be and are just following you around for the heck of it.

And finally, cats are just overall curious creatures. And that may be the only reason that they are following you around.