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Is My Cat In Heat?

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  • Post last modified:March 3, 2020
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If you’re the owner of a female cat that hasn’t been spayed yet, chances are good that you will have to deal with your cat in heat.

The heat cycle usually starts right around the time they hit 6 months of age, but some cats may not go into heat until they are around 10 to 11 months old.

But how can you tell when your cat is in heat or they are just being super lovey and vocal to show their love for you? There are a few super common signs that can help you determine if your feline companion is, in fact, in heat. 

A few of the signs that your cat is in heat include increased vocalization, rubbing up on everyone and everything, spraying, and rolling around on the floor as if trying to alleviate an annoying itch on their back. 

If you also have a male cat in your home, your female cat may also exhibit a behavior that looks somewhat like a long squat while “assuming the position”, so to speak.

What they are doing is letting the male cat know that they are ready and willing to give up that booty.

Increased Vocalization

is my cat in heat

The most common way to tell if your feline is in heat is when they are constantly vocalizing. They will do this at all hours of the night and day. To the human ear, this behavior can be quite annoying. It can sound like everything from a chirping type of noise to a bellowing. 

What they are doing when they excessively vocalize is calling out to their male counterparts so they can mate. It’s as simple as that. If this behavior completely annoys you, I’d recommend getting them spayed as soon as possible.

In fact, when any one of my females did this behavior, it was just the reminder that I needed to let me know to take some time out of my busy schedule and make that spaying appointment with my local veterinarian.

Rolling Around on the Floor

Another common sign that your cat is in heat is when she rolls around the floor constantly. More often than not, she will also be vocalizing at the same time. This is a pretty good sign that your cat is in heat. When she is doing this behavior, she is usually on her back with her paws in the air.

Rubbing Up on Everyone and Everything

Rubbing on everything around her is definitely a sign that your cat is in heat. She may rub up on you, another cat, or even on the legs of your kitchen table. 

Everyone and everything will be fair game for her to rub on. She will become excessively lovey towards you, so much so, that it can often become annoying. 

And like I stated earlier, if this behavior really annoys you and gets the best of you as it did in my earlier days of having feline companions, then the best thing for you to do is get them spayed.

Spraying Urine

Some cats that are in heat will also engage in spraying on vertical surfaces such as walls, doors, and furniture. Their urine has a scent that is used to lure potential male breeding partners to breed with your cat. 

This urine will probably not smell as bad as male urine, but it will still most likely smell. This can be common behavior when your cat is in heat, so I wouldn’t worry much about it or be too alarmed.

What You Can Do

If your cat is in heat and you’re not in the business of breeding cats, you should definitely get your cat spayed. This will alleviate most of the annoyances of having a cat in heat. 

Be aware that if you get your cat spayed right before they go into heat, they may still exhibit some of these behaviors right after surgery. It may take a few weeks for them to stop showing signs of being in heat. 

If your cat is in heat and suddenly stops being in heat, they may have gotten pregnant. Obviously, this can only occur if you have a male cat in the home as well.