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Do Cats Need Windows? The Truth About Cats and Windows

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If you have an indoor cat, then you are probably asking the question – do cats need windows? The simple answer is that yes, cats do need windows for a variety of reasons.

Having a window for your cat to look out of can make the difference between a happy cat and a depressed one. Windows offer some much-needed stimulation that an indoor cat might not otherwise get enough of.

In this article, we’ll discuss why having windows for your cat to look out of is a great idea. We’ll also go over things to watch out for so that your cat can have the best possible experience when it comes to this type of cat entertainment. 

Why Do Cats Always Look Out the Window?

As you probably already know, cats are easily amused. This is especially true when they see something move quickly out of the corner of their eye. 

And when it comes to the outside world, things move with the wind, a car might drive by, a leaf might fall from a tree, a bird might swiftly fly by, you get the drift. Cats love this kind of thing and it’s why they look out the window. 

Looking out the window for the average human being might be boring, but for your average indoor cat, it’s like a 3D movie. 

My cats love looking out the windows, and because of this, I’ve made sure to make it easy for them by putting cat trees, perches, and other cat furniture by the window. 

Keeping the curtains open for your cat is a good thing, and will prevent your feline companion from becoming too bored. And if your cat becomes too bored, it may also get depressed. So having a window for your cat to look out of is good for their overall well-being. 

Why Do Cats Sleep on Window Sills?

There are numerous reasons why your cat may like sleeping on the window sill of their favorite window. 

One reason for this might be the amount of sunlight that comes through that particular window. Cats absolutely love laying in the warmth and glow of a sunlit window. 

If the window sill that your cat likes to sleep on is higher up than your other windows, then this is probably another reason that they like to sleep on this particular window sill. Cats love being in high places. It makes them feel safe and secure in their surroundings.

Another reason your cat may sleep on a window sill is that maybe that is the window that they also like to look out of, and they just so happen to fall asleep there. And as you already may know, a cat will sleep anywhere. That’s just what they do!

Are Cats Safe on Window Sills?

For the most part, yes, your cat will be safe sitting or laying on a window sill. Just make sure there are no toxic plants or other hazardous things on the sill that your cat could get into.

Hazards like protruding construction nails, wood slivers, and windows that could fall and shut down on your cat will have your veterinarian bill go up for sure. 

Back in the day, I had to take my cat to the veterinarian because it was sitting on a window sill and the window fell on his paw. The sound from that incident will forever be embedded in my mind. 

Needless to say, I had to take my cat to the vet right away. Thankfully, the cat only suffered a minor injury (bruising and soreness), but you wouldn’t have thought that if you heard his shrill, painful cry after it happened. 

Is Opening a Window Good for Cats?

The answer to this question will depend on whether or not the window has a screen or not. If your window has a sturdy screen, then opening the window is a great idea. Fresh air can be great for your cat, and will also add a little variety to their indoor life.

Now, if your window does not have a screen, or the screen is flimsy and easily pushed out, then it’s not a great idea to open the window. All it takes is a bird flying by to peak their attention and it’s off to the races. 

As we’ll discuss later in this article, indoor cats live longer than those that are allowed outside. If your cat escapes outside, this could be detrimental to their well-being, especially if they are de-clawed. (which I DO NOT recommend)

If you want to open a window for your cat, make sure that the window screen is tough enough to handle them pushing on it out of excitement or curiosity. 

Do Cats Like Being Indoors?

This question can often be a touchy subject for most places on the internet that cat lovers like to congregate, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. 

So when it comes to this question, all I can tell you is from my own personal experience of having indoor cats as well as the experience of some of my friends with cats that go both outside and inside. 

My cats love being inside because I give them plenty of entertainment options. What I mean by this is that they have tons of toys, places to look out the window, places to hide, and plenty of comfortable spots to take their infamous cat naps.

A Cat Window Perch from Amazon

There have been times that I have tried putting one of those walking harnesses on my cat, but when I brought my cat outside, they were immediately terrified. 

And when I open my door to leave, most of my cats won’t even become bothered to look out the door. In fact, they perch their heads cautiously.

Now, does this all mean that they love living indoors? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. Logically speaking, if they’ve never lived outdoors, then they don’t know what they might be missing anyway. 

Also, it’s worth mentioning that indoor cats are known to live longer than cats that are allowed to go outside. The reasons for this are pretty straightforward. 

Indoor cats are less likely to be hit by a vehicle, run away, get annihilated by a wild animal, or run up a very high tree that’s right next to a power line. All of these things will shorten your cat’s life span, so I prefer to keep my cats indoors. 

I’ve also had friends that have allowed their cats to go outside from time to time, and have never had any problems. One of my friends even lives next to a busy road, but her cat never wanders over to the road.

However, she always keeps tabs on her cats when she lets them outside. And this is part of the reason why there has never been a problem with letting them go out. 

Final Thoughts

So does your cat need a window? In my opinion, yes definitely! The last thing you want is for your cat to become so bored with being indoors that they become depressed. 

Remember that looking out a window for you and I may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but to our beloved feline friend, it’s like watching a big 3D cat movie.

Even if your windows don’t have the most fascinating views, your cat will still likely enjoy looking out of them. You could always put a bird feeder outside of the window (if possible) to make things more interesting. 

Indoor cats need stimulation and lots of it, so do whatever you can to give them their own window to look out of. Trust me, it’s totally worth it!