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Can Cats Eat Centipedes?

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Cats are hunters by DNA. If it’s small and loves to crawl or fly, chances are pretty good that your cat will want to hunt it. But have you ever wondered if cats can eat centipedes?

I live in a building that is really old. It was built in the early 1900s, so from time to time I come across a few bugs that creep me out. Pretty much any type of bug makes me cringe unless it’s a housefly, mosquito, or a gnat.

In my opinion, centipedes have some serious creepiness to them. I mean really, how many legs do you actually need anyway? Yikes. Just writing this article makes me highly paranoid over anything I see moving in the corner of my eye.

If you’ve seen your cat eating a creepy centipede, then you’re probably wondering if it’s okay for your cats to eat these crawly little bugs. The answer to this mostly depends on the kind of centipede and if your cat is allergic to them.

What Type of Centipede?

Did you know that there are literally thousands of centipede types? Nearly all centipedes are insectivores and poisonous, which means they will kill other bugs and insects with their venom.

The common house centipede has 15 creepy legs attached to them and are yellowish in color. They are generally found in damper areas of your house such as in your basement or in your bathroom.

Centipedes also like to feed on other creepy insects such as spiders and cockroaches, which in my opinion are the grossest bugs that were ever created by nature. To these spider-eating centipedes, bon appetit.

can cats eat centipedes

Health Risks To Eating Centipedes

If your cat manages to actually catch and eat a centipede, they may vomit up a part of the centipede or the whole thing. This is not something to get too worried about, because some feline stomachs are just sensitive to foreign matter like bug parts.

However, if your cat keeps vomiting after they’ve eaten a centipede, you should bring them in to your veterinarian as soon as possible just to be on the safe side.

Some cats do have allergies to certain bugs and centipedes are no exception to this fact.

My cats have eaten a few of these bugs and they’re still alive and kicking. Most of the time my cats will usually just play, poke, and prod these 15-legged culprits as well as any other bugs that happen to cross their path. 

What If a Centipede Bites My Cat?

In general, the venom in centipedes is simply not strong enough to cause any serious harm to your beloved feline. 

The action of the bite itself will probably cause a little bit of initial pain to your cat. I think it’s pretty safe to say that the larger the centipede, the more painful the bite will be. 

If your cat gets bitten by a centipede, they might experience swelling in the corresponding area. A small amount of swelling is typically okay and is a normal occurrence after being bitten. 

However, if the swelling doesn’t go down and your cat has a fever, you should definitely bring them in to the vet as soon as possible. 

Getting Rid of Centipedes Without Harming Your Cat

If you want to get rid of these creepy centipedes without harming your beloved feline, try using food-grade diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous Earth is an all-natural pesticide that is environmentally friendly. It is safe for both pets and for humans as well. And it is a great alternative to the other harmful pesticides on the market that can hurt your cat.

Sprinkle it around the home along the walls, in corners, and near doorways for ultimate effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

So can cats eat centipedes? As long as the centipedes are of the common house variety, then your cat should be just fine if they decide to have a centipede for dinner. 

I, personally, cannot stand watching my cats eat any kind of bug, much less a 15-legged centipede. It’s plain gross and it creeps me out. 

When I do happen to see my cats messing around with one of these bugs, I usually just go and kill it myself.