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Can Cats Eat Ground Turkey?

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Can cats eat ground turkey? Since cats are naturally carnivores, it makes total sense to ask this question before giving your cat a helping of ground turkey. 

Yes! Cats can be given ground turkey, but only if it’s prepared properly and not given to your cat every single day. It’s a better option to give your cat ground turkey as a special treat, rather than something that’s a regular part of their diet.

You’ll also want to avoid giving your cat turkey that is uncooked. Never give your cat raw turkey or any other type of raw meat. Doing so could get them very sick.

How Much Turkey Can I Feed My Cat?

Turkey should definitely be given to your cat in careful moderation. You should not give your cat ground turkey every day. Giving them cooked ground turkey as a treat is by far the best way.

Since ground turkey is considered leaner meat than ground beef, it is a healthier option than your standard ground beef.

Giving your cat turkey every once in a while ensures that your cat is receiving the nutrients that it needs for sustainable growth and health.

How To Cook Ground Turkey for Cats

Make the ground turkey is fully cooked without any bones. The turkey should also be free of any seasonings that you might add.

Seasonings such as onion, garlic, and scallions could cause serious harm to your furry friend and we definitely don’t want that. The best way to cook ground turkey for your cat is by cooking it plain. 

Trust me, cats don’t need any special spices to make them love turkey. However, you could also add in some feline-friendly vegetables such as carrots, peas, and pumpkin. 

You could also add any cat-friendly herbs to the ground turkey mixture as well. These could include catnip, basil leaves, and cat thyme.

Can Cats Eat Smoked Turkey?

How about giving your cats a little bit of smoked turkey? Yes, cats can actually eat smoked turkey as long as it is fed to them in moderation. It’s important, however, that the smoked turkey comes directly from the bird and is not prepackaged in the form of deli meat.

Prepackaged deli meats usually have preservatives and other chemicals added to them that could potentially harm your cat. Deli meats also have a very high sodium content, which is never great for your cat. 

It’s also important to note that many of the smoked prepackaged turkey meats have additional spices added, which, as mentioned above, can be extremely harmful to your feline companion. 

Alternatives to Ground Turkey

One of the best alternatives to giving your cat ground turkey is by giving them turkey in a wet cat food form. There are many great options out on the market today. Below, is an option that is definitely recommended.

You could also give your feline companion turkey-flavored cat treats. Many of these types of cat treats have additional benefits for your cat such as a hairball treatment.

Does Turkey Make Cats Sleepy?

Turkey is widely known to induce sleepiness and drowsiness in most people. So it begs the question of whether or not your cat would have the same physical response after consuming turkey.

Although it has not been scientifically proven, it is a good possibility that turkey does make your cat sleepy. The reason for this is that turkey contains a chemical called tryptophan, which is an amino acid that is known for its calming effects.

If your cat eats turkey and then falls asleep, it could also be due to the fact that cats nap for most of the day and they are simply doing what they always do – which is sleep. This is why it really can’t be proven if the turkey is the culprit for your cat’s sleepiness

Final Thoughts

So can cats eat ground turkey? Yes, but only if it is fully cooked with no added seasonings. Though, you could add in some cat-friendly vegetables. Never give your cat raw ground turkey.

If you’re going to give your cat real turkey, it’s best to give them the white meat of a fully cooked, plain, and unseasoned bird. 

Avoid giving your cats any prepackaged turkey (or any other prepackaged meat for that matter) as it usually contains additives that are harmful to your cat.

Finally, when in doubt, just give your cat some turkey-flavored wet food or treats. This way you can be sure that they are getting something that is made especially for cats.