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Will My Cat Kill My Rabbit?

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  • Post last modified:March 3, 2020
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Do you have a cat, but you’re thinking about getting a pet rabbit to add to the mix as well? You might be wondering if this is a good idea. You might be saying to yourself, “will my cat kill my rabbit”? Will my cat and rabbit even get along?

will my cat kill my rabbit

The answer to that is really going to depend on where your cat spends most of its time. And what type of personality and habits your feline has.

If your cat is an outdoor or barn cat, then there is a higher likelihood of chasing and hunting rabbits. The opposite is true for indoor cats. Indoor cats are less likely to hurt your rabbit, but they still will in certain situations. 

Remember that a cat is a predator and a rabbit is prey. Always keep this fact in the back of your mind and be continually cautious. However, this is not to say that cats and rabbits can’t get along. Often times, they do actually get along.

Feral or Barn Cats

Feral and barn cats are much more likely than any other cat to chase and kill rabbits. Cats are natural hunters, so when left to fend for themselves out in the wild, they use their hunting instincts.

A barn cat, in particular, is probably used to chasing and killing mice around the farm yard, so a rabbit is nothing more than a large mouse to them.

Feral cats have to search hard everyday for food to survive. A rabbit would be a mighty feast for them, so all bets are off.

Your Indoor Cat

All cats have hunting instincts whether or not they are indoor or outdoor cats. However, if your cat is an indoor only cat, then you may be able to train your cat not to kill your rabbit.

If an indoor cat grows up with a rabbit, they will most likely learn to get along. This is especially true if they grow up side by side to one another and are near the same age.

I’m guessing this scenario is not all that common, so you may need to slowly introduce your cat and rabbit to one another. 

How To Introduce Your Cat To a Rabbit

The way you introduce a cat to a rabbit is pretty much the same way that you introduce two cats.

Make sure both animals are calm before the meeting. They will need to exchange scents, so keep your rabbit in its cage and let your cat sniff around it.

You will need to introduce the two animals very slowly to each other over a period of time, so have patience. Click here for a full tutorial on introducing a rabbit and a cat.

Your Outdoor Cat

If your cat is an outdoor cat, then it will likely chase and kill rabbits that hang around outside. The reason is pretty much the same as with barn cats. Outdoor cats kill a lot of mice. Again, a rabbit is just a bigger mouse to your cat.

If you feed your outdoor cat regular cat food, then there is a chance that rabbits might not interest them. Also, keep in mind that rabbits are super fast animals. Your cat will most likely give up on chasing it.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to add a rabbit to the mix, make sure you introduce both animals properly to avoid any “accidents” that could happen.

Keep in mind that a cat will always be considered a predator and your rabbit will always be considered prey. This doesn’t mean that your rabbit and cat will never get along, though. They could become the best of friends.