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Where On Earth Is My Cat?

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  • Post last modified:March 3, 2020
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Have you ever had company over one night and your cat seems to completely disappear? Where did that darn cat go, you wonder.

Cats absolutely love to hide. It’s part of their unique DNA, and they are definitely experts at the “art” of hiding. But why do cats hide? And where can you start the search if your cat is hiding somewhere in the home?

It’s a very normal thing for your feline companion to hide. They may also hide because they are scared or sick too. And they will often hide in the most creative places.

Hiding In Closets

One common place that a cat will hide is inside a closet, especially your bedroom closet. The reason is most likely due to the fact that your clothing tends to smell like you, and cats find that to be a safe place to hide.

They may also think of your closet as a comfortable place to catch some z’s since it’s usually dark in there.

Hiding In Appliances

Some cats will hide inside appliances such as a washer or dryer. They don’t realize that this hiding spot is completely unsafe.

If your cat is hiding, make sure you check your washer and dryer before using them. These hiding spots tend to be very deadly places for our feline companions.

Hiding Inside Boxes

where on earth is my cat

Cats absolutely love hiding in cardboard boxes. There have been so many times that I have searched high and low to find my missing feline companion, and then I end up finding them in a cardboard box.

Or sometimes I won’t even know that my cat is hiding and all of a sudden, a cardboard box will start to move or I will hear something moving around in a box. 

Momma cats especially love to hide their litter of kittens in cardboard boxes. When my cat had her litter of kittens, she would sometimes hide them in a cardboard box I had in the kitchen.

One time I panicked because I couldn’t find her kittens, nor could I hear them, and then I eventually found them in the cardboard box.

Hiding On Bookshelves

Another place that cats love to hide is on bookshelves. My cats hide on my bookshelf all the time, usually not for the sake of hiding, but just to stare at me from across the room.

I have a couple of cats that are black and my bookcase is black as well, so sometimes I don’t even notice them until I see them scratching or cleaning themselves.

Hiding Under Furniture

Another common place that cats love to hide is under the furniture. This also includes “inside” the furniture as well. Be careful though, as a recliner can be a dangerous place for cats to hide for obvious reasons. 

I used to have an old futon in my living room and that was my cats’ number one place to go. If people they didn’t know came over, they would hide under the futon. They would also hide under there when I would try to brush their coats or trim their claws. 

Hiding May Be a Sign of an Illness

Sometimes cats will also hide when they are sick. If your cat never usually hides, and now all of a sudden they start hiding, this could be a sign that they are ill and don’t want you or other cats knowing this.

Another sign that your cat may be sick is if they all of a sudden start hiding in a completely different area than they normally do, especially if this area has always been a potential hiding spot. 

However, don’t worry too much about it because cats are prone to becoming insanely bored. And this new hiding spot may just be the result of them exploring new areas.

They Hide Because They’re Frightened

Cats also hide when they are scared. Introducing new people or pets into the home may send your cat into hiding pretty quickly.

And if it’s someone or something that will be staying in your home for good, your cat will eventually get used to this new person or pet.

Final Thoughts

Cats hide because it’s one of the things they just naturally do. Often times, it is not a cause for concern. Cats are independent animals for the most part and love their quiet alone time.

If your cat is hiding, they may be frightened or ill as well, so you should definitely watch out for that.

Cats will find the weirdest places to hide. Places such as cupboards, boxes, washers and dryers, bookshelves, and any other place that makes them feel safer.