Planet Feline Policies

Cancellation Policy

Anytime you book with Planet Feline, L.L.C. for a service, i reserve those spots in my schedule for your pets, which means I am saying no to other pet owners that want to book at the same time. For this reason, I have the following cancellation policies in place:

Non-Holiday Cancellations:
For regular (non-holiday) reservations, there is no cancellation fee if services are canceled before 24 hours of the reserved time. If a cancellation occurs in less than 24 hours, then a cancellation fee of 30% of the total bill will be charged.

*For the first 3 cancellations of a client, the cancellation fee will be waived.*

*No partial refunds will be given for early returns.

Holiday Cancellations:
All holiday reservations require a minimum 7-day notice for cancellations or clients will be charged 30% of the total bill. Holiday appointments are limited to a certain number of clients, so it is recommended that you know for sure that services are needed before you book a holiday.

Payment Policy

After the initial meet and greet, clients will be set up with an account on our secure, online scheduling system. You’ll be able to schedule services and make payments through the system.

Payments are due upon the first scheduled visit. (not including the meet and greets, which are free.)

Holiday Surcharge Policy

Holidays will have an additional $10/day surcharge. Holidays include New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Client House Key Policy

All clients will need to leave me a spare key. This will be discussed at the meet and greet. Even if a client has keyless entry, a spare key is still needed in case of a power failure.

Recurring clients can either keep their key in a lockbox that I can provide for a $20 refundable deposit, or I can keep your spare key with me in my private lockbox for free.

Inclement Weather Policy

In cases of severe weather, the scheduled visit may be earlier or later than expected, depending on the timing of the severe weather and road conditions.

All clients must have an emergency contact on file in the event that I cannot make the scheduled visit due to life threatening or dangerous storms. However, every effort will be made to ensure your pet gets the care it needs during bad weather.

Dog Walking Policy

Planet Feline believes in the safety of all pets, and therefore, I do not walk dogs with retractable leashes. I also will not walk 2 dogs that do not know each other. This is for the safety of the pet as well as the dog walker.