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How To Show Love To Your Cat

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  • Post last modified:April 13, 2020
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Some people truly do love their cats but have no clue how to really show them the love they have and feel for them.

Cats and their human companions don’t always speak the same lingo, but below are some very easy ways that you can show your cat the love and affection that all cats need whether or not you realize it.

Slow Blinking While You Look Into Their Eyes

One way to show your cat you love them is to do what is referred to as slow blinking. The time to do this is when your cat is looking at you.

While they are holding their gaze towards you, you then look back at them and blink slowly. Blink at them in a slow-motion type of action.

They will almost always return the favor with their own version of a slow blinking gaze. Sometimes, when I am busy on my computer or doing household chores, I will notice them staring at me out of the corner of my eye.

And when I look back at them, they almost always will do the slow-motion blinking I’m talking about here.

Head Butts and Mini Kisses

Another way to show your cats that you love them is to give them soft, gentle head butts. My cats and I do this all the time, almost daily even. I’ll usually be sitting in my favorite chair and I’ll notice them looking up at me, which usually follows with them sitting in my lap.

Once they are in my lap and facing me, one of us will initiate the head butt. This head butting can be in many different forms.

For example, one of my cats will butt their head against my lip area, and I usually follow up with a little kiss on their forehead.

I love this display of affection my cat and I give to each other. It warms my heart and puts me in a better mood every single time.

Petting Them

A really obvious way to show your feline companion some love is to simply pet them gently. Most of my cats love to be petted, and I do it on a pretty regular basis.

Sometimes, while I am petting them, they lay down and proceed to show me their belly. However, keep in mind that some cats just don’t like being touched or rubbed on their bellies or at all for that matter, even if you are gentle and nice about.

Be aware that if you pet a cat on its belly and they don’t like it, they may scratch and bite you.

Talking To Them

Another way to show our feline friends some love and affection is by just talking to them in a soft and gentle voice. My cats love when I talk to them in a gentle high pitched voice.

They’ll usually talk back to me. Sometimes, I even have some pretty long conversations with them. Do I understand what they are saying? Nope! But it’s fun none-the-less.

Sometimes I wonder if I just agreed to do something for them that I do not want to do. Maybe someday, somebody will invent a “kitty translator device”. Ahh yes, cats can be quite humorous, can’t they?

Give Them Cat Treats

This concept is a no-brainer! Just give them a few kitty treats, especially treats that are both healthy and tasty at the same time. You may have to experiment a little with different brands to see what flavors and textures your cats will love the most.

There are soft treats. There are chewy treats. And then there are the crunchy treats with the soft middles in them.

how to show love to your cat

There are also treats that are dual purpose. For instance, there are some treats that help fight cavities in your cat’s mouth and others that can help with your cat’s digestive health.

However, I’ve found that with a lot of these types of treats, my cats will not consume them. I’m guessing they are just not up to my cats’ standards as far as taste is concerned.

Playing With Them

Another way to show your feline furbaby some love is to simply take some time out of your busy day to play with them. Playing with your cats not only shows them love and affection but it also stimulates their brain and keeps them from becoming bored.

I play with my cats every day using a laser pointer. My cats absolutely love chasing the little red dot around the house. In fact, they love it so much that I’m usually the one who gets tired of playing first.

Laser pointers are very inexpensive too. You can find them almost everywhere cat supplies are found. Just be careful where you point the laser.

I know this goes without being said, but never point a laser toy at your cat’s eyes, because that can seriously injure your cat.

Final Thoughts

As you have read here, there are many simple ways to show your feline companions that you love and care about them. And I’m sure there are many other ways not mentioned here.

The trick is really to try a few things and see which tactics your cat reacts to. They may only react to a few, or they may have no reaction at all.

I have a cat that hates being petted or even touched, but she loves following me around and talking to me. She and I can hold a “conversation” for 15 minutes some days.

And then I have a cat that rarely communicates with me at all, but will always be looking at me with the infamous slow blink.

Whatever method you decide to attempt, I urge you to show your cat love and affection on a regular basis, maybe even daily.

The relationship that you have with your cat will become so much happier and you will never have to wonder if your cat actually knows that you love them. They’ll just know!