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Can Cats Eat Ground Beef?

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Can cats eat ground beef? If you’ve cooked up some hamburger for supper lately, you may have noticed that your cat seems quite intrigued by what you’re doing. 

The reason for this is because your cat can smell the beef being cooked, and since cats are naturally carnivores, they probably want what’s in your frying pan. 

But should you actually give your cat ground beef? And if so, how do you go about cooking it for them? What about giving your cat raw beef? Can you throw a few seasonings on top for flavor?

In this article, we will answer those questions so you can know whether or not giving your cat ground beef is a viable option to add more protein to its life.

What Happens If a Cat Eats Ground Beef?

Most cats will be just fine if they end up eating a little bit of ground beef. It’s important to note that the ground beef should be fully cooked and not saturated in oily fat.

As with anything that you give to your cat the first time, it’s important that you monitor your cat after it has ingested the ground beef. Watch out for any signs of lethargy or vomiting.  

Beef is an excellent source of protein for your furry friend, however, it’s also very fatty. If your cat is overweight, you may want to try a beef alternative, which we’ll talk about later on in this article. 

Can Cats Eat Seasoned Ground Beef?

Generally speaking, it’s not considered a very good idea to give your cat ground beef with some seasoning mixed in it. 

Some spices can actually harm your cat because they are poisonous for your cat to ingest. Onion and garlic, for example, can damage your cat’s red blood cells, leaving them anemic. 

Another thing to steer clear of is giving your cat beef that has been mixed with raw eggs, which is a popular ingredient added to hamburger meat. Raw eggs can get your cat sick by giving them salmonella poisoning.

Can You Give Raw Beef to Cats?

Can you give raw beef to your cat? This is a question that has been debatable for a while. Some people will tell you that small quantities of raw beef will be okay for your cat. 

In my opinion, I wouldn’t give your cat raw beef of any kind, whether it is ground or in steak form. There is just too much risk of your cat getting sick and lethargic from it. 

And if you are one of those people that buy your beef from a large retail store such as Walmart(I’m not judging you), then I would definitely steer clear of giving your cat raw beef.

With that being said, little bits of raw beef from, say, your family’s farm, might be okay in small quantities. Generally, though, I would avoid giving your cat any type of raw meat.

How To Cook Ground Beef For Cats

The best way to cook ground beef for your cat is by doing so without any added ingredients like spices and raw eggs. As stated earlier, these additional ingredients will make the cooked beef dangerous for your cat to eat.

Cook the ground beef in a frying pan as you normally would. Make sure that it’s thoroughly cooked, before letting it cool down. 

After the ground beef is cooked, make sure to drain off as much excess fat as you possibly can. It’s also good practice to make that the freshly cooked ground beef is cooled off before you feed it to your cat.

You may also want to add some feline-friendly vegetables to your beef mixture. This will ensure that your cat is getting the necessary vitamins and minerals that it needs to keep you awake at 3 in the morning.

Also, it’s important that you don’t give your cat leftover ground beef that’s been sitting in your fridge, even if it was cooked specifically for them. 

The longer the leftover beef has been sitting in the fridge, the greater the chances of bacteria forming. You obviously want to avoid getting your cat sick.

Alternatives to Giving Your Cat Ground Beef

Cats are carnivores by nature. They need meat to be healthy and strong. Eating plenty of protein will give your cat healthy bones, coat, and a strong heart.

The best alternative to giving your cat ground beef is to give them cat food in a beef flavor. The type of beef-flavored cat food that most cats like is of the wet food variety. 

If you cannot find the wet food variety of cat food or there happens to be a cat food shortage, then what other alternatives are there? 

Give your cat some cooked turkey or chicken. The same rules apply to these types of meats as ground beef. Never give these alternative meats to your cat in a raw form. 

 You can also give your cat lean deli meats as an alternative. Just make sure the deli meat you give them is unseasoned and given in a safe manner.

Final Thoughts

So can you give your cat ground beef? Good news! Yes, you can! Just make sure the ground beef is cooked properly and free from any seasonings. 

I would also suggest not giving your cat ground beef on a daily basis or even consistently. However, giving your cat ground beef every once in a while won’t hurt them and they may even consider it a treat. 

This is especially true if your cat has weight issues because ground beef has a higher fat content than most other meats you could give your feline companion.