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Can Cats Eat Almond Butter?

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Can cats eat almond butter? What about almond based food in general? Cats will try to eat almost anything put in front of them without really understanding the consequences. In this article, we will dive deep and find out whether or not cats can eat almond butter or even drink almond milk.

Can Cats Eat Almonds?

Contrary to popular belief, the normal sweet almonds that are found in most stores, are not usually toxic to cats. However, almonds can most definitely mess with your cat’s stomach due to them not being a normal part of a cat’s diet. Eating too many sweet almonds, while not really toxic can result in diarrhea, vomiting, and pancreatitis. 

Your cat may also be allergic to almonds if they are allergic to any other type of nut, so this is another thing to watch out for as well.

Bitter almonds are a different story. These types of almonds contain a cyanide-like compound that can be toxic to your cat. They can also be toxic for us humans as well. Bitter almonds are clearly marked on their packaging and are very rare to find as they are not typically sold in the United States.  

Another thing to keep in mind is that whole almonds are very hard nuts, so your cat might have trouble chewing them down to a safe enough size for swallowing. This could potentially cause your cat to choke on the almond. Also, if your cat does manage to swallow a whole almond, it could result in intestinal or bowel blockages and will most likely result in surgery or even death. 

So never give your cat a whole almond. If you believe that your cat may have swallowed an entire almond, you should bring them into your veterinarian right away just to make sure. They will give your cat an x-ray and will be able to tell where in your cat’s body the almond is and if any treatment is necessary.

Can Cats Eat Almond Butter?

Because almond butter has a lot of salt in it, it is not generally a good idea to give your cat almond butter. Almond butter also tends to have too much sugar in it for our cats to eat it safely. 

Cats should not have sugar at all, period. Why is this you may ask? The simple answer is that eating too many sugary foods can cause your cat to develop diabetes. 

Not only that, but your cat may end up becoming obese. Studies show that cats who are obese have more health problems that arise and because of this, they generally don’t live as long as the cat next door who doesn’t eat loads of sugar.

Can Cats Drink Almond Milk?

Like most other almond based foods, almond milk can be consumed by your cat only in moderation. Too much almond milk can cause digestive problems for your cat. If you’re giving your cat almond milk, be sure it is the unsweetened kind. 

When it comes to kittens, the best kind of milk to give them is milk from their mother. If the mother is not in the picture, then there are specially made milk replacements available for kittens. Try this type of milk first before attempting to give a kitten some almond milk.

Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter is very similar to almond butter in that it is not generally toxic to cats, but it has little to no nutritional value for them. Peanut butter also tends to have too much sugar and other fats for your cat to be able to enjoy this food in large amounts.

can cats eat peanut butter

As usual, moderation is key. Never feed your cat too much peanut butter. Just like almond butter, too much peanut butter can also wreak havoc on your cat’s digestive system leading to symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. 

Overall, peanut butter is not appropriate for feeding as a regular treat. Instead, give your cats treats that are even higher in protein such as chicken flavored cat treats. Trust me, cats like meat much more than they could ever like any type of nut butter.

It’s important to note that using peanut butter is a great way to give your cat a pill as long as it’s not a daily pill or something that is given over a long period of time.

Final Thoughts

While it is usually not going to kill your cat by giving them almond or peanut butter, and other types of almond based foods, you really should not get into the habit of it. 

If you must give your cat almond or peanut butter, make sure it is in moderation. It should never be given as a normal everyday snack. In fact, too much of this nutty concoction can make our cats sick by giving them digestion issues. 

There’s a ton of better options out there for your cat to consume no matter what type of budget you are on. You can even find recipes online on how to make your own cat treats at home. Even that is a better option than giving them almond butter or almond milk.