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Can Cats Drink Oat Milk?

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There’s a lot of talk about various substitutes for dairy milk. Some of the discussion comes from those interested in the vegan lifestyle, while others simply want an alternative that doesn’t have the number of fats that dairy milk contains. Of course, we all know that cats like milk.

Old cartoons would have you think that milk is all a cat eats. While that idea is silly, we know that many cats enjoy milk. But what about oat milk?

If your cat has reached adulthood and is exhibiting runny stools or passing a lot of gas, it’s only a sign of the natural lactose intolerance adult cats develop. If your adult cat just craves milk, should you try oat milk?

Cats can drink oat milk. In fact, adult cats may tolerate it better than dairy milk. While many adult cats lose interest in milk, and the occasional milk drinker may not have problems, a cat that craves milk may end up with digestive problems from drinking too much dairy milk.

Giving her oat milk may just be the solution and cats seem to enjoy it as much as they do dairy milk. Kittens do need dairy milk if their mother isn’t available for nursing, but once they reach the teenage stage, switching to oat milk may be just what they need.

Oat milk may not provide a lot of nutrients to your cat, but if your cat is one of those that just craves milk, it can make a good alternative to dairy milk.

With the right brand of oat milk, it can give her the milk fix she needs while not upsetting her digestive tract. It also doesn’t contain the excess sugars and fats that dairy milk has.

Can Cats Eat Oats?

Cats can eat oats or oatmeal. In fact, your cat may be eating oatmeal without either of you realizing it, as it is a common ingredient in many cat foods. 

However, there’s a big difference between eating fish-based food with oatmeal added and eating plain oatmeal. Most cats won’t even try it. However, if you try a bit of oatmeal with your cat and she likes it, it’s certainly not going to harm her.

The best way to feed your cat’s oatmeal would be to cook or soak them and then mix the oats in with your cat’s wet food.

Will Oat Milk Kill My Cat?

Oat milk in itself probably won’t harm your cat, but any additives mixed in during processing may cause an allergic or other objectionable reaction in your cat. 

A severe allergic reaction can actually kill your cat, although this is very rare. Just be cautious until you see how your cat reacts to the oat milk you provide. 

This is why you need to watch your cat for a couple of hours after the first time or two she drinks it. Even if you chose oat milk that isn’t flavored, there still may be some preservative or additive that could cause a problem with your cat.

What Kind of Milk Is Safe For Cats?

Basically, if your cat just has to have dairy milk, try raw cow’s or goat’s milk. She just may tolerate one of these better. Pasteurized milk can actually be harmful to your cat. 

The best kind of dairy milk for your cat will be lactose-free milk, organic skim milk, or dairy milk that is a minimum of 1% fat content.

Milk Alternatives for Cats

Raw cow’s or goat’s milk is generally better tolerated by adult cats. As has been discussed, oat milk is generally tolerated well. However, stay away from other plant-based or nut-based milk alternatives, such as soy, almond, or coconut milk. 

Some cats are allergic to soy proteins, and almonds have a high oil and fat content. In addition, stay away from either sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk.

As far as oat milk, you need to be careful about the kind of oat milk you give your cat. Oat milk with flavorings is definitely out, and your cat may not even like it. 

Check the label before you buy oat milk. The fewer ingredients and processing the better. Also, try it out on your cat once or twice, and keep an eye on her after she drinks it for about two hours for signs of trouble. 

Your cat may be allergic to an additive or it may just not agree with her. Don’t hesitate to take her to the vet if you notice troubling symptoms.

What Liquids Can Cats Drink?

Actually, the only liquid an adult cat needs is clean water. If your cat doesn’t seem to drink enough water, you may need to find out why. The water may not be changed frequently enough or the cat may not like your tap water. 

If your cat eats mostly canned or “wet” food, she may be getting most of her moisture needs from that. You may just have the water dish in a place your cat doesn’t favor, such as too near the litter box.

What cats need and like to drink is just one of those things a cat owner needs to learn. Since water is really the only drink she needs, this is pretty simple. There really is no need to experiment with different things to drink.