About Planet Feline

Hi, my name is Tonya Rhoda and I’m the owner and operator of Planet Feline, LLC pet sitting services here in the Mankato, Minnesota area. My passion is cats, but I absolutely love dogs, rabbits, goldfish, gerbils, turtles, and other types of pets.

My love for animals began when I was a little girl living in a small town in central Minnesota. Growing up I had cats, dogs, and the occasional frog as pets. Right now, I have a few cats and they are my whole entire world so I know how it feels to look at your pets as you would your own kids. And for many of us, our pets are our only kids.

My goal for my clients is for them to be able to go on business trips, vacations, and other travel endeavors without having to worry about whether or not their pets are being properly cared for. As owner of Planet Feline, my job is to ease your mind while you’re away from your furry friends.

My Mission

My ultimate mission is to be friends with every pet in the southern Minnesota region. I am fully committed to providing the best possible pet care available.

My goal is to give you the peace of mind in knowing that your pet is being properly cared for with love and respect. I promise to always keep you updated anytime you work with Planet Feline with your pet sitting needs.

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Know what peace of mind feels like is just a click away!

I am fully licensed and insured, with pet CPR certification.