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5 Facts About Cat Whiskers You Probably Didn’t Know

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One of the cutest features about owning a feline companion is their cute, almost perfect set of cat whiskers that all cats have on their adorable little faces.

If you look closely at their cat whiskers, they seem like they form a perfect pattern of little rows.

So why do cats even have whiskers and what are they actually used for? And is it bad if a cat loses some of its whiskers?

Whiskers are generally located on the whisker pad area of a cat’s face and are situated in horizontal rows. Whiskers also tend to be about 3 times thicker than their fur hairs and are embedded deep beneath the skin. 

1.  Cat Whiskers Are Used For Sensing Things

A cat’s whiskers are actually sensory receptors. Whiskers help your cat determine whether or not they can actually fit into certain areas. 

If your cat’s whiskers touch the sides of a certain area, they are most likely not going to bother trying to squeeze themselves inside. 

What their whiskers are essentially telling them is that they will not fit in that particular area so they should not even try. 

The food and water bowls you use to feed your cats are also important when it comes to your cat’s whiskers. If the dishes you use to feed your feline companion are too narrow, they will likely not want to use them.

This may be why your cat might scoop their food out of the food dish or get up onto your sink to take a drink.

Whiskers even help your cat navigate around in the dark. Kind of cool huh?

2.  Cats Have Whiskers In Other Areas

Most people do not know that cats don’t just have whiskers on their face, but they have them on other parts of their body as well. Cats have whiskers on their back legs, chin, and on their eyes. 

Each set of whiskers serve their own instinctual purpose for your cat as well.

3.  Whiskers Are Used For Hunting

Cats also use their whiskers for hunting. A cat cannot see very well when objects and other animals are up close. What whiskers do in this respect is help your cat determine the proper position of your cat’s prey so they can give the fatal attack or bite. 

And when I speak of prey, I’m not just talking about actual living prey. Your cats’ favorite toys can also serve as prey. That is after all what cat toys do for the most part. 

4.  Whiskers Can Tell You About Your Cat’s Mood

Another thing that whiskers do is to let you know what your cat feels like in regards to emotions. For instance, when your cat is angry or on the defensive, their whiskers are usually tilted back against their face. 

5 facts about cat whiskers you probably didn't know

And when your cat’s whiskers aren’t moving at all and they are in a normal resting position, it usually means that they are cool, calm, and collected.

5.  You Should Never Cut Your Cat’s Whiskers

Never ever take a pair of scissors to your cat’s whiskers. They need their whiskers for balance and navigation among other things. If you cut your feline friend’s whiskers, they may become confused and disoriented with their surroundings. 

Cat whiskers fall out naturally on their own but they do grow back eventually. Let nature do its job and never ever cut your cat’s whiskers. It’s just plain mean, in my opinion.